Youth Organization for Health and Development Initiatives in 5th Annual Conference on HIV/AIDS Abuja Nigeria


The 5th National Conference on HIV/AIDS in Nigeria was jointly organized by the Network for HIV/AIDS Research in Nigeria (NARN) and National Agency for Control of AIDS (NACA) in partnership with other stakeholders; with The Nigerian HIV Response: “Ownership and Sustainability” as theme and “closing the programme Gaps” as sub-theme ended successfully at the International Conference Centre Abuja on 5th May 2010.


 The 4 day conference aimed at reviewing and assessing progress, achievement and challenges in the past years focused on the fact that priority should be given to developing policies and strategies for progressive ownership of activities of HIV response considering the context of contemporary global economic recession; it has become necessary to ensure the sustainability of our response beyond 2010 as there is need for Nigeria to begin to look inwards, explore resources and generate options  to cope with the huge financial requirements of the HIV/AIDS multi-sectorial National response as more than three quarter (3/4) of the fund spent before now are from foreign donors.


















YOHaD amongst other stakeholders (PLWHAs, NGOs, MARP communities, Youth leaders, Religious leaders, Private sector and Government Agencies) participated in this eye-opening and thought-provoking conference which was a huge success.

YOHaD participants Worgu Emmanuel Chukwuemeka and Ahunanyah Maxwell who were also part of the Youth Pre-Conference held between Saturday 1st May and Sunday 2nd May, 2010 which ended glamorously with an award/dinner night at the same venue. It was a time of critical reflection/challenge to look in-ward to ensure adequate stability of YOHaD and her programmes including those aside HIV/AIDS interventions.